Divination Class (HP)
Divination Class (HP)
Divination Class (HP)
Divination Class (HP)

Divination Class (HP)

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"Welcome, my children... In this room you shall explore the noble art of Divination!  In this room you shall discover if you possess the SIGHT!  I am Professor Trelawney.  Together we shall cast ourselves into.... the Future!" 🔮 
This candle has notes of "Tea Leaves, Cake & the Sight" and will be offered as a limited edition in our 6 oz & 13 oz clear glass jars. 🤓  The candle itself will be a super creamy white with lots of iridescent glitter baby ✨ sparkle, a fantastic wood wick, and (if you're quick) can be bundled together with this glorious Trelawney pop to make a set!  
Selecting Divination Set will get you the 6 oz candle + Pop! option -- Limited supply available.
This candle has a crackling wood wick!  Please see the section on burning instructions for more details.


Scent Profile / Strength

This candle is super fresh and a pinch sweet with notes of Black Tea and Cake smoothed with Creme.  A delicious addition to any Potterhead's collection!     

Scent Strength (Out of 4): 

    General Bookish Sizing - 13 Ounce, 9 Ounce, 4 Ounce

    Vintage Luxe (12.5 oz)  & Canvas (9 oz) Compared to General Bookish

    For Wood Wick Candles
    • This candle has a crackling wood wick!  Make sure to trim it straight across and to 1/8" before lighting for the first time.
    • Trim any black burned or crunchy bits from the wick for best burning performance when relighting.

    For Cotton Wick Candles (4 oz & 2 oz Tins)

    • This candle has a natural cotton wick.  Make sure to trim it to approximately 1/4" before lighting for the first time.  If the wick is too long, the flame could be too tall.  
    • Trim to 1/4" each time before lighting for most consistent burn.

    For All Candles

    • To prevent tunneling, burn long enough to melt the full top of the candle each time you burn it.  Don't "power burn" (longer than 3-4 hours at a time).  Extinguish, allow to cool completely, then trim the wick before relighting.
    • Extinguish if container is too hot to touch, the flame is too tall (more than approximately 1 inch), or if the candle is smoking or sooting. Let the candle cool completely, trim the wick to 1/8" and then relight, if desired.
    • Never allow candles to burn all the way down or self-extinguish. Recycle the container when 1/4" - 1/2" wax remains.
    • To keep labels looking crisp and bright - keep away from direct sunlight, humidity and fluorescent lighting.
    • Always keep within sight and on a heat-resistant surface. Never leave a candle burning unattended. 

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