Luxe Fragrance Scent Profiles

Scent Profiles for the Luxe Offerings.  All Fragrances are available to try the the Scent Samplers.  Be sure to see the additional Luxe Fragrance by Scent Family breakdown for a quick summary of fragrance families.


Scent Name


Top Notes

Mid Notes

Bottom Notes

Abundance (Mantra)
Super fresh and clean, Abundance is bound to become a new favorite. It's more floral than laundry and twice as fresh. Would be amazing year round for the whole house.
Ozone. Linen
Lavender, Sea Salt
Vanilla, Sage, Sandalwood
April Showers & May Flowers
Rain and Flowers in a jar. Super fresh and amazing for Spring.
Citrus, Rain
Cedar, Musk
Bliss (Mantra)
Another super fresh and clean Sea Salt and Floral blend. Perfect for "fresh" lovers for the whole house year-round.
Sea Salt, Ozone
Jasmine, Lily of the Valley
Woody, Tonka, Orchid
Brave (Mantra)
Fresh Sea & Woody Fragrance. Would be fantastic in a study or great room of the home.
Citrus, Fir
Cedarwood, Sandalwood
Oakmoss, Tonka, Musk
Cherry Cordials
Chocolate Covered Cherries and a Pinch of Liqueur to wash it down.
Sweet Cherries
Cream, French Vanilla
Citrus Spritzer
Citrus galore! Lots of yummy citrus blended with bubbles on a base of Vanilla.
Citrus Blend
Orange, Peaches
Dragon Castle
Mysterious Dragon Castle on the desolate island. Musky and a little spicy smoothed with Ocean Notes. Fabulous blend.
Citrus, Ozone
Fig, Sea Salt
Patchouli, Moss, Cedar
Driftwood Strands
Fresh, Masculine and Ocean-like fragrance. Perfect for year-round, but fabulous for summer.
Ozone, Citrus
Amber, Dark Musk
Enchanted Library
Your very own Enchanted Library! Fragrances of Leather and Book Bindings give way to warm Musk and Rose. It's magical!
Parchment, Roses
Sandalwood, Warm Musk
Energize (Mantra)
Super citrus-y with bubbles! Fantastic citrus blend and a huge favorite in the shop.
Orange, Green
Giggle Water
Champagne, Vanilla and Green notes to blend balance out this favorite. Fabulous year-round and a top "fresh / foodie" scent.
Ozone, Citrus
Vanilla, Green
Champagne, Woody, Vanilla
I Love (Mantra)
Fresh Strawberries, Champagne, Florals and Sweet Musk
Strawberry, Ozone
Jasmine, Rose, Lilac
Musk, Sandalwood
Island Escape
Like a day at the beach! Coco butter lotion, with warm sands and fun in the sun.
Warm Spices
Vanilla, Coconut
Cedar Wood, Amber, Musk, Cocoa Butter
Lemon Petits Fours
Sweet Lemon Glace Petit Fours - a
delicious bakery scent perfect for the
kitchen and for gourmand candle lovers.
Lemon Peel
Clove, Butter
Cake, Vanilla, Creme
Fruity-floral well balanced fragrance and is a favorite in the shop. Would be fantastic for floral candle lovers year round, and amazing for Spring / Easter!
Berries, Ozone
Jasmine, Rose, Gardenia
White Musk
Mid-Summer Night
Perfect summer nights candle. Honeysuckle is promenent with jasmine, ginger and a woody base. This is a perfect summer evening in a jar.
Honeysuckle, Jasmine
Jasmine, Ginger
Woody, Violets
Mint to Be
Super fresh Lemon, Citrus and Mint
blended with a pinch of florals to balance
it out. Fabulously fresh for kitchen or bath.
Lemon Peel, Orange
Lily of the Valley
Garden Mint
Not Your Basic Witch
Definitely NOT your basic witch. Sweet berries balances out the herbal base. It's a shop favorite and a best seller!
Berries, Citrus
Clove, Violets
Patchouli, Pine, Vanilla
Nourish (Mantra)
Sweet berries, florals and bubbles.
Fabulous fruity-floral blend that's
fantastic year round.
Lilac, Wild Berries
Sweet Floral Blend
Sandalwood, White Musk
Pirate Cove
Masculine, Woody and mildly Aquatic. This fabulous scent is DIVINE for summer, but would be amazing in a study or library year-round.
Lemon, Lime
Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk
Powerful (Mantra)
Fruity and herbal, Powerful is an AMAZING scent and a FANTASTIC thrower. Everyone loves this scent - it's not too sweet and is well balanced with an herby base. Even though it's Blueberry it's not a "bakery"
scent. A shop favorite and a best seller.
Blueberries, Citrus
Berry Vines, Vanilla
Herbs, Musk
Dark Chocolate and Fresh Raspberries. Need I say more?! It's amazing!
Gourmand candle lovers will
DEVOUR this one.
Rasberries, Greenery
Dark Chocolate
Vanilla, Musk
Recharge (Mantra)
Super fresh bamboo and ginger blends
with greenery on a base of woods. Fantastically clean and perfect fragrance
for the bathroom year round, or to
freshen the whole home in Spring and Summer.
Bamboo, Ginger
Romance Novel
Romance Novel is semi-beachy, semi-sweet blend of fruits, florals and aromatics. It's a fablous "guilty pleasure" fragrance! Just like reading your favorite Romance Novel
on the beach!
Fruits, Citrus
Florals, Green, Spice
Coconut, Vanilla Cream, Musk
Self-Rescuing Princess
This fragrance is a shop fave and best-seller. Fruity Top notes with floral mid on a base of vanilla cream and oakmoss. It's sweet, but well balanced with the musk to keep it from being "too foody". Would be amazing for the whole house year-round, but especially delicious for Spring and Summer.
Fruits, Citrus
Rose, Violets
Vanilla Cream, Oakmoss
Sierra Breezes
Super fresh and clean, Sierra Breezes is hard to describe. It's just "fresh air", but not in the "laundry" family of fresh. It just makes the whole house smell clean. Perfect for everywhere year-round!
Mist, Open Air
Linden Flower
Driftwood, Musks
Soothe (Mantra)
Soothe is exotic, decadent and rich. It's warm, comforting and unique fragrance and would be amazing for the whole house year-round.
Dark Chocolate, Honey
Orchard Fruits, Violets
The Hero of the Story
Masculine fragrance - woody and mildly cologne-like. One of the shop's best sellers.
Woody, Citrus
Cognac, Pepper
Vanilla, Amber, Tonka
The Heroine of the Story
Fresh and herbal on a base of rosewood for warmth. Excellent herby blend and would be great for year-round.
Lemon Zest, Ozone
Bergamot, Lavender
The Drawing Room
Masculine Tobacco & Bourbon based scent, blended and smoothed with citrus. Has a mildly smoky finish.
Orange, Wood
Tobacco Leaf, Lavender
Vanilla, Musk, Bourbon
Tranquility (Mantra)
Fresh and clean citrus and earth fragrance.
Orange. Lemon
Green, Floral, Earthy
Musk & Vanilla
Masculine fragrance - one of our very faves.
Plum, Ozone, Sea Salt
Amber, Vanilla
Unwind (Mantra)
Warm and Inviting Scent for Relaxing. Cozy vanilla and Cashmere -- like a super clean, but mild, warm laundry. Lemon Zest, Spices Ylang Ylang, Florals Cashmere Musk, Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Mug Cake Fabulous Icing & Vanilla Mug Cake! Butter Cream Bakery, Sugar Vanilla Cream