About Us

Combining a Scent Addiction with Science!

Here at Flickerwix, we strive to create high quality products, provide excellent customer service and have an amazing time while doing it.  We pour the love of scent, the science of hand-crafting, and the fun of fandom into a large cauldron where we bubble and stir those magical ingredients into beautiful and aromatic candles that tantalize your senses and bring your favorite fictions to life!


All items are handcrafted in our Florida shop where we hand-pour small batches and use only the highest quality ingredients including: cotton wicks, premium waxes and highly concentrated fragrance oils. All candles and bath house products have a "dye free" option - please let us know if you'd prefer to go without for your selections.


Our products are recyclable -- reuse the container post burning or safely place in your recycle bin.  Soy wax is sustainable, eco-friendly and a natural product.  All waxes, oils, wicks and dyes we use are cruelty-free.