APR - "Catalyst & Chaos" Candle Box
APR - "Catalyst & Chaos" Candle Box-Flickerwix

APR - "Catalyst & Chaos" Candle Box

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"Catalyst & Chaos" Candle Box - April!

Hypatia, Hypatia, Hypatia.... this is Flickerwix, Flickerwix, Flickerwix - come in, Hypatia! 🎙


Here's the Contents of the Catalyst & Chaos Candle Box

🌌 Lifel1k3 inspired woodmark
🌌 "Diamonds" pillowcase designed by @stellabookishart
🌌 "Out of this world" office supplies including page flags and washi tape
🌌 Murderous AI power supply
🌌 Rocket necklace
🌌 Robot Monthly Collectible charm
🌌 Astronaut book light
🌌 Kady Grant print by @oxida
🌌 1 x 4oz and 3 x 2oz candles plus Wax Melts



PRE-ORDER OPENS on 3/1 and will CLOSE on 3/22!  Boxes are currently scheduled to ship on 4/13 (but will ship earlier, if possible).

OK, Sci-Fi Droogs!   I'm soooo very ex..ex..ex..excited <ERROR> to announce the theme for the April Flickerwix Candle Box - CATALYST & CHAOS! <ERROR> 

I've been lovingly calling this the "Sci-Fi Kristoff" box, but this delectable morsel will be inspired by Kristoff's (and Kaufman's!) amazing intergalactic works -  Aurora Rising, LifeL1k3 and of course, (my favorite) the Illuminae Files!  Get excited for super bright colors and GALAXIES of glitter, my space-fae 🧝🏻‍♀️ friends!  Since "our minds are not our own", we will be over-stuffing this box with all kinds of fun items and glittery goodness! 

We've also lined up some AH-MAZING artists this month to help bring our vision to life! 💫  I know... I told you... Sci-Fi Droogs -- you don't want to miss this!  🤖  I hope you are as excited for Aurora Rising  and Dev1at3  as we are!  .... FLICKERWIX OUT! 

Here are the deets!

In each of our monthly boxes there will be 4 EXCLUSIVE themed candles, currently unavailable on the website, in a mix of both 4 oz and 2 oz sizes.  Plus, an additional 4-6 items (sometimes more) of merch, sourced from artists, hand crafters, small businesses and more!


• One x 4 oz. Glass Jar Candle 
• Three x 2 oz. Candles in Jars or Black Tins
• Monthly Collectible Item   

• 4-6 Themed Merch items + custom box

Price is $35 + Shipping - quantities are limited!

** PLEASE NOTE: Items ordered with this box will EITHER SHIP WITH THIS BOX IN APRIL, OR BE SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COSTS -- there is also NO BOOK included in this box! **

Estimated Shipping Weight is ~3 LBS.  There are multiple shipping options available including Flat Rates!

(For examples of the types of included items see listings and pictures for the previous months' boxes.) 

Unboxing Picture: @eccentric_owl_reads



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