Wood Wicks are Here!


After what seems like ages and ages of testing, we are finally ready to release our new sizes, additional container offerings and our new crackling wood wicks! 

Wood wicks are a fabulous addition because of the "mini fireplace" ambiance they add to your candle burning experience.  I love the sound of crackling wood in the fireplace, and especially being down here in Florida where it's generally too warm to get to enjoy fireplaces often, it's definitely a welcoming sound full of fond memories and feels! 

We've been a little reluctant to add wood wicks to our line until now, however, because of the reputation of inconsistent burn performance in some of the wood wicks available in the market.  Above all, I want to ensure that you love your Flickerwix candles - quality is everything!  So, I hunted and searched, searched and hunted, to find the best performing and environmentally conscious offerings available on the market!

Over the past several months, I've tested out suppliers that not only source from Forest Stewardship Council certified mills, but that also produce consistently high performing wicks that burn well - evenly and cleanly - every time!  After about 30 different suppliers and types, I can happily say that we've finally found the perfect wicks for our candles -- and we can't wait for you to experience the "homey ambiance" the wood wicks provide!

Just like all wicks, wood wicks do require a little bit of care -- wick trimming is a little more important with wood wicks to ensure a smoke-free burn, too, so here are some helpful guidelines for those that haven't had a wood wick candle before.

Update: 1/10/2020. Based on continued performance testing over the past few months, we've decided to only offer wood wicks in our 6 oz or larger size containers.  Smaller containers were experiencing sporadic and inconsistent burn performance on occasion.  



  • Make sure to trim it straight across and to 1/8" before lighting for the first time. This is shorter than suggested for cotton wicks. If the wick is too long it will not get enough wax in the wick and it can self-extinguish or not stay lit.  If you ever have an issue with the candle not staying lit -- trim the wick and try it again. 
  • When you're lighting the wood wick, light it all the way across and at the base where the wick meets the wax to help it draw up the wax into the wick and catch more easily and consistently.
  • Trim any black burned or crunchy bits from the wick for best burning performance when relighting.  I just take a tissue and snap off the burnt bits with my fingers.  It's normal for a little bit of smoke / a little bit of wood smell when you first light or relight, but should dissipate quickly once the candle gets going.  If it consistently smokes -- your wick is too long.  Extinguish, cool and then trim the wick again before relighting.
  • To prevent tunneling, burn long enough to melt the full top of the candle each time you burn it. This is soooo important to extend the life of your candles!  Once you start tunneling in the candle it's incredibly difficult to fix.  Plan on 30 mins - 1 hour for each 1" in diameter of candle when you burn.
  • Don't "power burn" (longer than 3-4 hours at a time).  When you power burn for extended periods, the candle can get so warm that it releases the rest of the fragrance in your candle!   This is especially true for smaller candles - to help them last, don't let them burn for multiple hours at a time.
  • To keep labels looking crisp and bright - keep away from direct sunlight, humidity and fluorescent lighting.


    Candles are FIRE.  It's easy to forget that fact sometimes, but please have safety in mind when you enjoy your Flickerwix candles.    

    • Never allow candles to burn all the way down or self-extinguish. As the flame gets lower in the container the container gets hotter.  Allowing candles to self extinguish risks damaging surfaces under the candle, or even the container getting too hot and catching fire.  Extinguish the candle, cool and recycle the container when 1/4" - 1/2" wax remains to protect surfaces.
    • Extinguish if container is too hot to touch, the flame is too tall (more than approximately 1 inch), or if the candle is sooting. Let the candle cool completely, trim the wick to 1/8" and then relight, if desired.
    • Always keep within sight and on a heat-resistant surface. Keep away from drafts, fans, pets and children.  Never leave a candle burning unattended. 


    Thanks so much for reading and I hope you love your crackling wood wick Flickerwix candles!

    Katie :)


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