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Exciting news, Glitterati!  I'm so excited to announce that today, we're finally launching our Flickerwix Blog - Waxing Poetic !

I've always wanted to blog, but found it a daunting task to get started.  What do you say?  What are good topics?  What the heck do you name it?!  After tons of brainstorming and a huge dose of encouragement from other book dragons we are finally underway!  Welcome, welcome - we're so glad you are here!

We'll be posting weekly (hopefully!) with articles and discussions on all kinds of topics from behind the scenes at the shop, to gift ideas for book lovers; from candle safety and burning tips, to what reads are hot right now and book reviews!  We'll be covering the gamut -- I hope you'll join us!   

We'll also be hosting guest bloggers to showcase their talents, too! So, if you have a blog and would like to contribute, email us: support@flickerwix.com with "Guest Blog" in the subject line and we'll get in touch!    

This is definitely going to be a journey, but it's so exciting and was a long time coming - so let's get to it!  


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