International Taxation & Shipping Changes


International Shipping Changes, Q&A and Money Saving Tips

New VAT Regulations are Here!

After COVID in 2020, 2021 has been another year of change especially for our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom with BREXIT, and in the European Union with their taxation changes.  There are several new laws that have gone into effect this year with huge implications on small businesses like Flickerwix.  We wanted to pause for a moment to clarify our handling of these new rules, to answer some common questions, and to offer some tips on how to save money on shipping your order!


Q: What are these new EU tax rules I keep hearing about?

The biggest change for our EU friends is that now, all orders shipped to the European Union are subject to VAT.

Before  July 1st, 2021, when buyers in the EU purchased goods shipped from a country with a total value below €22, they were exempt from paying VAT.  As of July 1st, 2021, buyers will be required to pay VAT on all purchases up to €150. Import VAT and duties will continue to apply on orders above this threshold.

Customers will be charged upon delivery of the goods by the carrier.

So in essence, European Union residents will now have to pay VAT the full value of your order on everything that you order outside of the EU, including Flickerwix purchases, and payment is due upon receipt of your parcel.


Q: Will Flickerwix Charge VAT (UK & EU Residents Only) on my Order? 

A: EUROPEAN UNION: Flickerwix will NOT collect VAT for our EU customers - YET. 

We’re looking into it, but the costs for a small shop such as ours is prohibitive at this time.  This means that you should plan to pay any customs handling charges, VAT costs and other duties (above 150) to the carrier when you receive your goods.  

This also means that your parcel may take longer to clear customs and you may be required to submit a proof of value (save your purchase receipt emails!) before you can receive your goods.

A: UNITED KINGDOM: Flickerwix  WILL charge VAT for the United Kingdom.  

The United Kingdom implemented a similar rule for the requirement of VAT on all imported goods on January 1, 2021, and is requiring ecommerce merchants to collect and remit VAT on sales to UK residents.

Flickerwix will, of course, comply with this requirement and have started collecting VAT on all orders shipping to the United Kingdom. Please note that VAT is calculated on FULL ORDER COST (including shipping).

This means that UK residents will pay the 20% VAT on your order when it is placed (including the shipping costs), but barring import duties you shouldn’t be required to do anything “extra” upon receipt.  

Q:  International Shipping is so expensive!  Do you have suggestions on how to save money on the postage costs?

A: International Shipping IS expensive.  Candles are heavy, not easy to ship, and carrier rates continue to increase year over year.   A good rule of thumb is actual candle weight is twice the stated ounce weight of the candle. (i.e.  4 oz candles weigh 8 oz; Canvas Candles weigh 1.5 lbs each, etc.).  

Please remember that shipping weight is not JUST the candles!  It’s the box plus all the safety wrappings, too.  Those have to be calculated into the weight and will affect overall shipping charges.  CUSTOMS FEES, VAT & DUTIES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICES BELOW!

Orders UNDER 4 LBS

We are limited in options to reduce these costs, but we have found a FLAT RATE offering for up to 4 LBS that can save as much as $30 off retail shipping prices for USPS. 

There are different rates for Canada vs. Rest of the World, but here are examples of combinations that can work for savings: 



(Confirm with the Shipping Calculator When Placing Your Order)

Package Weight

Canada Rate

Rest of World Rate

Combination Suggestion Examples

(Always Confirm When Placing Your Order)

Up to 2 LBs



  • 2 x 4 oz Candles
  • 4 x Wax Melts
  • Combination of 4 oz or 6 oz  + Wax Melt(s)
  • 1 x 6 oz Candle + 1 x 4 oz Candle
  • 1 x Canvas Collection  Candle

Up to 3 LBs



  • 3 x 4 oz Candles
  • 5-6 x Wax Melts
  • 2 x 6 oz Candles
  • Combination of 4 oz & 6 oz Candles
  • 2 x Canvas Collection Candles

Up to 4 LBs



  • Various 4 oz & 6 oz Combos
  • 3 x Canvas Collection Candles
  • Lots of Wax Melts!



We offer several carriers for International shipments weighing more than 4 LBS.  


USPS over 4 LBS is NOT RECOMMENDED.  They are frequently the MOST EXPENSIVE option available.



Generally, UPS shows in the shipping calculator as the least expensive option for international shipments that don’t qualify for flat rates, however, you need to know they charge additional fees upon receipt!

We hear from clients frequently (especially in CANADA!) that UPS has charged an additional fee on their order and it is sometimes significant.

Now that the VAT changes have also gone into effect in the EU, expect additional clearance fees, etc with UPS in addition to taxes & duties (if above 150).  



DHL usually comes in about the middle of the range price on the shipping calculator, but they are FAST - 1-3 days globally, and we’ve not gotten feedback about any unexpected landing charges.  

Please note that there may (of course) be some changes to this with the new regulations, but if you see a DHL price that’s not much more than UPS it has frequently been the best value in the past.  


Thanks for reading and for your continued support of our little shop!

 If you have any additional shipping tips and trips to include (or any questions!) let us know:




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