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Nevernight Blankies
Hear me, Niah! Hear me, Mother! This box, this blankie my gift to you, hold it close! Yes, Gentlefriends... with Darkdawn right around the corner, it's time to prepare and snag your Nevernight Blankie!

You know Jay is going to crush our souls with Darkdawn. This blankie will be the only thing holding us together when he slices our little hearts into teenie, tiny, bite-sized pieces.

These ginormous, high quality, super soft and squishy blankets are of limited quantity and are printed with positively STUNNING commissioned art by @morgana0anagrom!

Get yours while supplies last! Click for all the deets!
Limited Edition Candle Set
Super Sassy Unicorn Set
Adorable and super sassy unicorn candle & plushie set! Sure to bring a smile to your (or your favorite unicorn's) face!

Due to overwhelming demand, we are restocking with a mid-Sept Delivery Date!

Click for all the details!
I'm Magical, Too!
Queen's Sorting Candle
What's your Dark Gift?!
Hey, Queen! Did you miss out on the Crowns & Fates Box and now you're super bummed that you didn't score one of these color-changing Dark Gifts sorting candles?

Well, now's your chance! A limited restock is available, while supplies last. Click for the details!

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About Flickerwix

Our candles are hand-poured in Florida with clean-burning, natural waxes, premium concentrated fragrances and crackling wood wicks!

All of our candles are soy-based, vegan and cruelty-free, with natural wood wicks sourced only from Forest Stewardship Council certified mills.

With a plethora of sizes from melts to jars and tumblers, and with tons of fragrance options, you're bound to find the perfect selection for your home's ambiance.

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